C & C 4

Civics and citizenship

Different levels of government


This is a game that will help you work out what is done by the 3 levels of Government in Australia. When you have completed this game write  a summary neatly into your Library Book.




Rules and Laws are used in our community. Rules are used to show members how to behave in a group who meet together. For example rules in our library have been made by all the users and these help us to know how to behave. Laws are made for us by ministers who work in our Parliament. These all have consequences if they are broken. Explore how a law is made.

Task Discuss a new law that you would like introduced in our society. How could you influence it’s introduction in to parliament. Which part of our community will this new law effect? What about the consequences if your new law is broken? Fine or … ? ? ?

Mini project is due term 2   week 

March 2018 Voting mini project

Australia is preparing for a Federal election. After our discussions at school you have all selected one question to research. Research and try to find an answer. Present your findings in your library book 

Click on vote image for rubric for this task



Follow this game to find out how it happens

Inquiry Q1. There is a Mace sitting on the table in the Lower House of our Parliament. Why is it so important that is sits there for all to see?

Q 2. Did you find out about our Coat of Arms? Why do we have it?



Go to this web site and discover all you can about Federation in Australia.

Create a poster that answers these questions





Governments in Australia

Watch this video and then complete the worksheet


Running a business  part 2

Stop press – advance notice

The market will be held in Week 1 Term 3


Create a stall for the great shopping adventure coming soon.

Are you ready forLast Minute Shopping

Thursday 30th June 2016



Needs and wants


Watch the following video to learn about opportunity cost

opp cost