How can I look after myself?


Your task

Select ways of reducing the stress in your life.

Create a few posters highlighting these that can be hung around the classroom to remind your classmates how to cope with stress.

Due week 10

Drugs and my brain

Debates to try 

Choose a fairytale and read the story.

Now prepare arguments that relate to your tale, questions listed here

Present your two person debate on Seesaw. This will  be short but you need at least 5 arguments each. Marks sheet












A healthier me.

  What is Mental Health? How does it apply to me?

Question 1 – [setting the stage]

 What is Mental Health?  Write a statement summarizing you understanding of this term.  [500words]

Health??? Illness???? Stigmas???? Myths???



Task : write a paper that discusses the following statement:

Year 7 students at St Joseph’s do not eat a balanced diet. [Information from your own food record can be included.]

Assessment sheet

Keep a diary of all food and drinks you have in the following week. Bring it to your lesson next week.  

2018    Who am I?

Questions about drug use.

In a group of three study the scenario given to you. Research the drug, how it works and then discuss the situation on your card. Be prepared to share your findings next week.

What would you do?

Select 3-4 other scenarios from this sheet

Activity 2

  • what are the dangers presented? Can these be avoided? How?


  • Consider the dangers or risks that are presented, where can you go to get help in these situations.

Present your findings with the class next week.

Activity 1

Reflect on 3 of the scenarios in the above sheet presented and write your personal response. At least 1/2 to 3/4 page per scenario.

Social media and fake news

Consider the information you access through the Internet. How can you be sure what you are reading is true. Or are you a victim of fake news. Complete this activity to increase your knowledge of this topic

Social media and Plagiarism


Use this worksheet to complete your task  

     Self esteem power points contains activities   View these powerpoints and complete the associated activities.

  Don’t forget that you can add music or other media by creating a QR codes.

useful links include      Rubric

double sided fusible interfacing,         printable transfer paper