Economics year 5

Running a business lemonade

Play this games and try to make a profit as you run a business. Keep a record of your choices as well as if you make a profit or loss. After running one of these businesses you need to write up what happened.

Some questions to consider are as follows.

How did you do? Do you think your stand was successful?    List several reasons why you made a profit or why you did not make a profit.   What advice would you give to someone who wants to be successful.


Market day – details coming soon

Create your goods using the technique called quilling. Google search for ideas.





Another kind of business that is developing is e-commerce [online shopping]. How is this different from walking into a shop? Is there a price advantage? Why does this lead to crazy days like Click Frenzy . Survey members you meet this week and discover which kind they prefer. Bring your results back to class next week.


Search and find activity

Explore you local shopping/ business precincts.

Capture 10 businesses, try to make sure they are different.

Present these on a poster, under each one identify the type of business and why they are in business, what are their intentions.

Due 1 week bonus 10 marks [7th Nov], 2 weeks just marks. [14th Nov]


Here are the 2 sheets I needed you to work on.



Business choices Part 3 

Consumers also have to make choices that influence the market economy. These choices affect the sustainability and future of any industry. For example the tuna industry. Canned tuna has been a healthy part of Australian’s diet for many years.  Consumers now want to buy fish that has been caught in a way that does not harm any other fish that also live in the ocean.


You need to investigate the tuna industry, how are the fish caught? Is there another /or better way to do this? Will this mean the cans will be more expensive.? Can you explain why consumers would be willing to pay extra? Create a brochure to explain your discoveries.

Due week 10 term 3  

Businesses Part 2

Businesses have many choices to make before they can make a profitable business. In today’s society economic choices are also dependent on environmental issues. For example there are campaigns in our community that want to stop the use of palm oil. How will this affect the business community.


Use these web sites to understand what the problem is about Palm oil. Research where it is grown, what is destroyed to grow these palms and who is affected by this.? Use this sheet to write up what you have found.


Download these sheets to work on the PPC curves businesses use to work out their economic decisions.

Tradeoffs and opportunity cost

Select a product you know well. Find out how it is made as well as it’s ingredients. Create a group of four. Using this product how could you make changes to it or its recipe . What would your product look, smell, taste like now? Will you be able to sell this?

Create a product sheet comparing your new product with the original and answer the following questions

What are the changes you have made to this product?

Why have you made these changes?

How will these changes influence the salability of this product, will more people now buy your product rather than the original? Why? Justify your answer

Be ready to test these on your classmates next week. I wonder which group member will win?

Reflect on my learning  Due week 4 term 2

Now that we have finished our politics topic it is time to stop and think about your learning. How am I going? Do I need to make changes to how I do things. Write a reflective paragraph using ideas found in the attached powerpoint under the thinking man

Presentations due week 2. Voting week 2.

 Details for this task under this treasure chest.

Get together with the members of your party and write up your proposal for the Book Week event. Due week 1 term 2, 2018 when we will share it with your classmates.


 Click image for the assessment rubric

South Australia is preparing for a State election. Do you have a question about this? Have your question checked by Mrs Watson. Research and try to find an answer. Present your findings the week after the S A elections – 21 or 22 March 2018.

Extension of 1 week – now due 28 / 29th March

New Australians need to pass a citizen test. Go to this link to see how you would go. Is this the best way to assess potential citizens?

I am Australian    View this video to explore the statement – I am Australian. What does this mean?

Discuss.Survey people you know to get more answers to this question. Could you add another verse to this song by adding modern people and places or events?